Our bagel chips are all natural and
made from REAL Bagels.

Try them plain, or with your favorite dips and cheeses. Look for them at a grocery store near you!

It is our promise to make the best
Chicago-style bagel possible.

Our bagels are not NY-Style bagels...ours are baked with steam versus being boiled and then baked.

Our Bagel Chips come in five different flavors. Click HERE to see the many flavorful options that fit every profile!

You can find our Bagel Chips at many stores, farmer's markets and supermarkets. Click HERE to see if they are carried at your favorite location!

Summer Sales

Come visit us during the summer Tuesday's at Federal Plaza and Thursday's Daly plaza.

Fresh Bagels

We are also a fresh bagel supplier in the Midwest. Our bagels can be found in select grocery stores, hotels, and cafes. Contact us for your nearest retail location.

Private Labeling

We do offer a private labeling, feel free to "contact us" regarding any inquires.