About Hometown Bagel Inc.

Where we've come from....and where we're going.

Our History

Hometown Bagel Inc. is family owned and operated. Since 1995 Mike and Dawn Lally have made it their mission to serve quality bagels in the Chicago-land area.

In the beginning Mike ran the bakery and Dawn worked the counter. The first retail location was in Hometown, Illinois, which is also how we got our name. Mike had bigger dreams than just a retail bakery. It didn't take long before he laced up his "selling shoes” and started hitting the streets, selling bagels wholesale all over the Chicago-land area. Today you can find our bagels and bagel chips in restaurants, hotels, cafes and grocery stores in over 30 states across the country. In addition, you can find our bagel chips in 8 countries outside the United States.

For the past 20 years the business has grown because of their persistence on having quality bagels, great prices, and great service.

Hometown Bagel Inc. is truly a family owned and operated business. Over the last five years all of their four children and a number of very close friends, who we consider family, have bonded together to help grow the company. We've added new products and expanded the bakery. The future is unlimited for Hometown Bagel Inc.